Belief Management


Discover the real connection between your beliefs and your experiences to deliberately shape your reality.

The power to manage your beliefs.

Making the connection between the beliefs you have and the way you experience life is the key to how you experience life. Learning tools that are simple and effective can determine whether you remain limited by your hidden beliefs or empowered to create what you really want. It can mean the difference between real fulfillment or settling for less.

• Gain control of your life experiences
• Free yourself from sabotaging beliefs
• Learn from and stop old patterns

• Create helpful beliefs

What you’ll learn

The Power of Beliefs

Discover the influence of beliefs, especially transparent beliefs, and the role they play in every area of your life.

Experiential Exercises

Learn simple, proven tools to identify, evaluate, and if you choose, change the beliefs that shape your life.

The Process of Believing

Experience the ability to change your level of conviction in a belief and discover the simple power that comes with that ability.

Support Included

Schedule a free call with a licensed Avatar Master* to guide you on the key exercise of this course.

*The Belief Management course is based on the exercises contained in the ReSurfacing® Workshop, Section 1 of the Avatar® Course, guided by Avatar Masters.

I found a major transparent belief that will finally change a pattern in my life!

I was looking at the fear and anxiety of not knowing.  I discovered how one belief would run me down the rabbit-hole of that way of thinking! I gained peace just by writing the beliefs down. 

I felt the expansion of my consciousness through this course. I have learned how a Transparent Belief acts on my reality and something that was impossible actually opened up a new possibility.
J.P.  Korea

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